Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

Please read through this terms and conditions before making reservations.Creative Journey Japan reserves the right to modify or replace this terms at any time.

1. What’s Included in Tour Price

  • Guide fee

2. What’s Not Included in Tour Price

  • Transportation fee
  • Admission fee
  • Meals fee
  • Please also pay the same for the guide while you are together.

3. Payment

  • The guest make a payment by PayPal before the tour.

4. Cancellation Policy

  • In case that guest wishes to cancel the tour, the rate below will apply to the cancellation.
    • On the tour day, 100% of tour price
    • 1-3 days before the tour day, 80% of tour price
    • 4-7 days before the tour day, 50% of tour price
    • 8-14 days before the tour day, 20% of tour price
    • 15 and more days before the tour, cancellation fee is free.
  • The amount calculated by deducting each cancellation fee below from the received tour price shall be paid to guest through PayPal after the cancellation.
  • No show on the day due to guest’s issue is same as a cancellation on the day, so the cancellation fee will be 100% of tour price.
  • The guide reserves the right to cancel the tour if bad weather forecast (ex. Typhoon, snow, heavy rain, intense heat etc) is announced or other unforeseen events has happened near the tour day.In this case, guide will inform guest the cancellation 1-2 days before the tour. The tour price will be 100% refunded. The refund will be paid to guest through PayPal.

5. For Family Guest

  • If guests are attending the tour with a toddler or a baby, please bring guests’s own stroller and baby carrier.

  • 6. Insurance

    • Insurance is not included in the tour. Please make sure that you are fully insured your trip to Japan. While the guide will take the most care and attention to conduct the tour safely, the guide is not responsible for any loss or personal injury occurred during the tour.

    7. Changing the Itinerary or Stopping the Tour on the Day

    • While the guide will try to conduct the tour as scheduled and do the utmost to grant guest’s request, the guide reserves the right to change the itinerary flexibly on the tour day depending on the circumstance. ex. If sudden heavy rain hit the tour, the guide may change the next destination to indoor facility from outdoor garden.
    • The guide reserves the right to stop the tour in the middle, if the situation of the tour faced the difficulty to continue safely. In this case, there will be no refund.

    8. Disclaimer


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    10. Link to our website

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